Who we are

DMax Plasma develops cutting edge water purification solutions

DMAX Plasma develops cutting edge electrical discharge plasma reactors to remove per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) from water. The enhanced contact DMAX Plasma reactor degrades PFASs and other non-oxidizable compounds by first producing electrons and ions which then react with PFASs, breaking the carbon-halogen bonds into smaller molecules which can then be oxidized and further reduced to harmless compounds.

DMAX Plasma’s innovative approach based on electrical discharge plasma makes it possible to use the technology in the field for large scale clean-up efforts. The plasma process requires no chemical additions, produces no residual waste and results in higher efficiency at lower costs than any other treatments currently available, including granular activated carbon.

A single unit of the DMAX Plasma patent-pending technology treats one gallon per minute of PFASs-contaminated groundwater. The plasma reactor is modular, meaning it can be scaled for a specific treatment rate and/or multiple reactors can be used side-by-side. The reactors are mobile, easy to bring to a contaminated site and place in line with other treatment operations, can readily be moved within a site to operate at different locations at different times, and can be operated either continuously or pulsed on demand.