Field Proven PFAS “Degradation and Destruction” Solution

Existing commercial scale PFAS remediation technologies are “containment and removal” solutions. These methods separate or encapsulate PFAS from the bulk wastewater stream, but serve only to create a smaller, highly concentrated PFAS waste stream. The concentrate then must be stored on-site, disposed of in a landfill, or sent to an expensive incinerator. Incineration is rapidly being banned due to its questionable effectiveness.

The ECo-PRe™ system effectively destroys PFAS by producing electrons and ions which react with PFAS, directly defluorinating and breaking the carbon-fluorine bonds into smaller molecules which are then oxidized and further reduced to harmless compounds.

How it Works

1. Gas diffusers pump gas bubbles from the bottom of the reactor

2. PFAS adsorb to the bubbles and are transported to the liquid surface, creating a layer of PFAS concentrated water at the gas-liquid interface

3. Plasma is generated in argon gas at the interface to break C-F bonds and degrade and destroy PFAS


The Enhanced Contact Plasma Reactor (ECo-PRe™)

Features and Benefits

  • Field Proven PFAS “Degradation and Destruction” Solution

  • Cost Effective – Low Energy & Operating Expense
  • High Scalable Throughput
  • Treat any aqueous PFAS source, anywhere (mobile available)

  • No Hazardous Byproducts

  • Safe
  • Durable
  • Easy-to-Use

Cost Effective and Low Energy

Operation of DMAX’s high voltage plasma reactor system requires a surprisingly low amount of energy. Our standard DMAX Plasma Generating Network (DPGN) unit uses less than 1,500 W, about the same as a kitchen microwave oven, making DMAX a low-cost choice for your PFAS treatment needs. Our fully equipped, high throughput, multi-ECo-PRe mobile water treatment trailer draws less than 7,500 Watts during operation making it extremely cost effective on a per gallon treated basis.

High Scalable Throughput

Through continuous development and optimization, DMAX Plasma has evolved from lab-scale systems to successful field treatment of thousands of gallons in a single day.

With an experienced team and continued investment in our technology, DMAX Plasma is committed to advancing this highly scalable solution to meet the market needs of the DoD, industrial wastewater, landfill, AFFF, and groundwater remediation markets.

Treat Any PFAS Contamination, Anywhere

From lightly contaminated groundwater, to highly concentrated secondary still bottoms, DMAX Plasma will customize a treatment process to fit your needs. The process is not affected by the presence of co-contaminants although treatment times may vary depending on the starting PFAS concentration, presence of precursors and solution electrical conductivity.

No Hazardous Byproducts

The only additions to the DMAX Plasma ECo-PRe™ system are argon gas and, if required, a surfactant which is consumed by the process.

Additionally, the PFAS-Plasma degradation reactions produce non-hazardous byproducts, making this an excellent choice for eliminating any EH&S concerns in treated water.

Safe and Reliable

DMAX Plasma is committed to deliver safe and easy to use PFAS treatment systems to the market. Every ECo-PRe™ system has been designed for safety, durability and efficient performance. Although not currently NRTL rated, UL rated components are used throughout, and we meet or exceed industry standards for employee safety and EMI/EMF emissions. We are currently enhancing our control systems for ANSI CAT II standards, and anticipate submitting our system for NRTL certification in 2023.

For more detailed information about DMAX Plasma, contact us.

Patented Process & Technology

  • US 10,357,753
  • Exclusive worldwide license to DMAX Plasma Inc.
  • Additional patents pending